• Players: 4-8

    Playtime: 45 minutes

    Age: 12+

    On the riverbanks of Limbo, cloaked and masked individuals patiently wait for a sign from you. At a wave of your hand, you will place them in one of the boats that are bobbing on the oddly colored water below.

    Passengers is a game of tactical communication, about knowing when to share information and when to remain silent. When to be honest and when to bluff in order for your team to win.

  • Players: 1-99

    Playtime: 20 minutes

    Age: 6+

    Happy Campers is a roll & write game in which you draw your own campsite. Plan the perfect campsite but beware, noisy neighbours might interfere with your plans.

    In this game all players play simultaneously. Roll dice, determine the shape and type of area and draw. There are five different areas:

    - Trees, add some nature to your campsite
    - Toilets, people need to pee somewhere
    - Water, create a place for your guests to cool down
    - Tents, what would a camp site be without em?
    - Entertainment, kids occupied, happy parents!

    Did you roll double? Every player lets their neighbour draw for them.

    Score points for the biggest clusters of each type and for the challenge cards. The player with the most points wins the game.

Serious Gaming

"Play is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein

Studio Infinitus is collaborating with the lectureship in Economy as Common, part of Avans University, on concepts that will increase the awareness for the need of a circulair economy.

A boardgame is a perfect tool to focus on an important topic in a playful and fun manner.

  • It all begins with an idea. Maybe when you are walking in a forest or when taking a shower. For most it stays an idea. We, however, try to motivate people to make that idea into a prototype, play it and eventually, maybe, your idea becomes a real boardgame.

    We are Alexander and Nathan and we run a design studio aiming to create unique, fun and engaging games for every boardgamer out there.

    Also, we have a shelf of shame too. We feel you.